Rich Pullman, Utah
Rick Reeve began playing the piano at age eight. At age 14, he was having trouble finding music that interested him to play for a recital so his piano teacher challenged him to write his own song. And that's all it took to start Rick on his way.

His music on his album, "In My Life," is a mix of easy-listening instrumentals. But easy-listening is sometimes so relaxing that it lulls you to sleep. Not so with Rick's compositions. They may be relaxing but at the same time are full of energy so they hold your attention.

To have an appreciation of Rick's music, you really should click on his link above and listen to some of his songs. My personal favorite is "Grandma's Lullaby." It's simple but beautiful beginning pulls you in to a reverie. But just as you get comfortable and relaxed, the song increases in engery and gets your attention. You didn't think the song would get more beautiful but it has. And when you have soak up the beautiful from that passage, the song picks up again and you find yourself wanting to move to the rhythm. Now it has become a wonderful song that when it ends, you are ready to hear it again, and again. Then you find another favorite.

Gina Brereton, Kentucky
Wow! Rick Reeve is amazing! The song "In My Life" is clean, clear, and flows naturally. In each of his songs, he seems to tell a story. He has a way of capturing your emotions and making you feel as if you were somewhere else. Rick will definitely go far! What a wonderful addition he is to the music industry, we are lucky to have him!

Jessica Simpson, Utah
I really enjoy the sounds that have been created for this CD. I loved every minute of it and I will continue to listen for a long time. If anything else comes out by this artist, I will be sure to be the first to buy it!

Mackenzie Hill, Internet
I received Rick Reeve's CD as a gift for my 21st birthday. I have listened to his CD every morning and every night since. Its absolutely powerful. I love his music and wish him all the best.

Sharon Steves
I enjoyed his music. SOOTHING! It tapped certain emotions and at times, moved me to tears. Is there more? I give him FIVE STARS.

James Rollins
Relaxing! The music is easy to listen to and uplifting. The composition reflects talent and it brings out emotions from within. The impressive arrangements keeps the listeners attention and I always feel happier after listening. Well Done!! When is the next album coming out? I am interested.

Herman Arp, Utah
The songs on the album "In My Life" by Rick Reeve captures the mind and inspires the heart with its melodic tones and deep emotions. His poetic instrumental take on ones journey through life, spells inner feelings of gratitude for life itself. The album cover did little to enhance his music with its sepia tone and grandeur of a house. Music lovers should look past this great attempt by a phenomenal composer/pianist and seek solace in the muted words of the ivories. As easy as it may be to categorize his music with the likes of Yanni, Rick with the release of this album has done well to establish himself and his music as a force to be reckoned with (even by Yanni). I give him FOUR STARS.